IPC, new distribution center

IPC, new distribution center
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In July 2022, we finally received our keys to 1040 Wallace Rd. in North Bay, Ontario.  This will be home to a new distribution and manufacturing center known as IPC.

Prior to this Guarniflon purchase, for over 40 years, a lovely couple owned and operated a manufacturing company where they build locomotives for mining companies worldwide.

Our amazing staff have been very busy cleaning, polishing, and painting, to get our state of the art Plant up and running!  By the fall we will be ready to fully support our customers from this new facility

Although we are in an industrial area, we have forest all around us, and a lake at the edge of our property.  Many mornings we have had families of does and their fawns greet us as they feed on our front lawn.  During the days, we are visited by foxes, turtles, and many beautiful birds. 

We are all excited, here at IPC, to serve our customers with outstanding customer service, integrity, and quality products, today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

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1040 Wallace Rd. | North Bay, Ontario
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